Porto Blues Fest 2023
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21 Julho - 18:30H


Born in Lisbon, Ricardo Montalvor began writing his first songs during his teens; the late 80s. He was part of bands like The Brunch and Uruguay. In 2018 he released his first album "The Highway of Regret" on the Raging Planet label. With roots in Dark Country, his music is dressed with lyrics full of enigmatic and engaging autobiographical charge.

21 Julho - 21:30H


In the twenties and thirties of the last century, this sound could be heard on every street corner in the deep South of the USA. It was the heyday of the Blues and Boogie Woogie and the electric guitar had yet to be invented.

.Greyhound's Washboard Band uses musical instruments of the past including resonator guitars, washboard and a 100 year old Drum Bass to create their own sound.

This band really makes you feel the blues and puts a smile on your face at the same.

21 Julho - 23:00H


Tia Carroll is soul, blues, power and passion. She sings to her heart and from her heart.

Tia Carroll, owner of an impressive voice and a strong stage presence, has won countless awards including, West Coast Best Female Blues Vocalist (2017), Traditional Blues Woman of The Year ( 2018), Band Leader of the Year (2016).

Inspired by music legends such as Koko Taylor, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin, she is one of the great female voices on the music circuit.

22 Julho - 18:00H


Little Hands Blue Band is a musical project by José Carlos Mãozinhas that brings together from classic blues to funk and fusion.

José Carlos Mãozinhas, besides being a virtuoso guitarist with a unique technique, is the owner of a powerful voice full of energy.

22 Julho - 21:30H


With this concert the Porto Blues Fest expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the affected populations, namely the artists who are thus prevented from carrying out their mission to society.

Art and culture are, in their essence, vehicles to bring people together, to stimulate dialogue and multiculturalism, to root humanist values and to promote peace.

Alexander Dolgov, founder of the blues movement in Ukraine lived in Karkhiv where he had his house and studio, which were totally destroyed by the Russian bombing.

On the recommendation of Rita King , daughter of B.B.King, Alexander Dolgov is inducted into The Blues Hall Of Fame® as a Great Blues Artist, Ambassador of Ukraine to The Blues Hall Of Fame.

22 Julho - 23:00H


Featuring original drummer and founding member of The Animals, John Steel, plus Danny Handley on guitar and vocals, Barney Williams on keyboards (Milltown Brothers) and Roberto Ruiz on bass, this critically acclaimed combination of musicians will be performing at Porto Blues Fest. With more than 20 worldwide hits The Animals are one of the biggest and most recognized Blues Rock bands in the world.

We will be able to watch a fantastic concert with the greatest classics, The House of the rising Sun, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Baby Let Me Take You Home, Don't let me be Misunderstood. After 60 years, the legend is still growing.


0 EMISSIONS - We keep the Porto Blues Fest and FUTURO - project of 100,000 trees, partnership

This is the message that this festival intends to leave to the world. Climate change from CO2 emissions is threatening our future. We must all be aware of our global ecosystem and its gradual deterioration but each of us must also know that we have the power to change this Status Quo, to recover our environment. We can all contribute individually to the success of this mission. Everyone in their day to day has the responsibility to decide, choose...
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Porto Blues Fest and Porto Guitar Academy present. guitar workshop with Alexander Dolgov, July 22nd, 11:00 am

Open to all guitar players

Infos/booking: academiaguitarraporto@bunkerecords.pt

Address: R. Afonso Lopes Vieira 186, 4100-020 Porto

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One day ticket - 20 €
Two days ticket - 30 €
Filipa Ribeiro - Intimista... com direito a mantinha na relva... como se fosse em casa e com a TV a 3D. Shirley King a "entrar" literalmente na nossa alma... Muito bom!!!! E eu, que estive para não ir.... ?
Filipa Ribeiro - Espectáculo admirável e de facto inesquecível!
Filipa Ribeiro - Muito bom, foi memorável??????
Filipa Ribeiro - Beautiful place, great artists..amazing night!
Filipa Ribeiro - Congratulations we already need an event that had been tribute to the blues.From my perspectives, I think it was a really well-judged idea.
Filipa Ribeiro - O primeiro evento realizado na cidade do Porto! Enorme iniciativa que tocou transversalmente várias faixas etárias.
Filipa Ribeiro - As maiores expectativas para se ouvir grande música feita por grandes "bluesmen" num belo enquadramento no que se refere à localização do evento...como a Cidade do Porto merece...
Filipa Ribeiro - Bom ambiente com excelente música, parabéns à organização, aguardo pelo próximo.
Os meus filhos com oito e dezasseis anos " curtiram " à grande!
O local foi muito bem escolhido e tivemos executantes de altíssimo nível , que venha o próximo.
Filipa Ribeiro - Um grande evento para uma grande cidade.
Filipa Ribeiro - Um evento que faz falta ao Porto. Bem vinda esta iniciativa.
Filipa Ribeiro - MARAVILHA!


Concha Acústica Do Palácio De Cristal, Rua de Dom Manuel II, Porto, Portugal



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